Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rant #5: New Drug Cures Prudishness.

Are you easily offended? Do you constantly find yourself bitching and whining about how offended you are by the things you see around you? Well now there’s help! It’s called Gofukuesef. Gofukuesef is a new drug from the makers of Quicherbichasil (a popular anti-naggatory drug) and it is showing some promising results.

Clinical studies have proven that Gofukuesef works by relaxing the sphincter and boosting one’s sense of humor. Gofukuesef creates a calming feeling that allows you to worry more about yourself, so you are able to give those around you a frikin’ break from your self-righteous tirades. Ask your Doctor about Gofukuesef today. We’ll all be glad that you did.

Warning: If used improperly Gofukuesef can cause severe rectal bleeding. Please use only as directed.

P.S. I-know-what-you’re-thiiiinking-nana-na-na-na.


Spdystar said...

Have these been approved by the FDA or FAD or FBA or whoever it is that tells us what will cure us, and which drugs will cause you to grow an extra nose?

happyandblue2 said...

Got here from Langa.
Nice site. Welcome aboard.
I think these pills should be freely distributed.